Well this is my first real attempt at doing a cigar review, so I am telling you all right of the bat; don’t expect too much as I am still trying to build my palate. I chose the Epernay for my first review simply because it was one of the best sticks that I have had since the Greycliff: G2 I had in the Caribbean. For those of you who haven’t heard of them; Illusione is being hailed as one of the best brands on the market today, and often being compared to the Cuban cigars when their industry was in its prime. Illusione was created in 2005 by Dion Giolito who wanted to offer a cigar that could be enjoyed by all, not just aficionados or seasoned cigar smokers.

The Epernay first appeared 2008 and was originally only offered as a limited edition. However, it quickly began to gather one award after another and continuously received prestigious marks from the “who’s who” of the cigar industry. And after barely 2 years on the market, Cigar Aficionado ranked in the #3 cigar in the world in 2011.

  • Vitola: 51/4 x 48 (Le Ferme)
  • Wrapper: Café Rosado
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Origin: Honduras
  • Strength: Medium
  • Flavor: Medium


WRAPPER: Milk Chocolate in color with hues of red and a slight tooth.


AROMA: A slight earthy/forest scent with hints of honey sweetness coming through.


FIRST THIRD: Upon first light and the first third of this cigar I am mostly getting a dry sort of leather and tobacco flavor, but the smoke is very cool and smooth in texture. There is a bit of a black pepper tingle on the tongue.


SECOND THIRD: The flavors are now becoming more of their own. I am getting a really nice Rye spiced honey up front, but sadly fades a bit quicker than I would like. The burn isn’t perfectly straight, and honestly is starting to get a bit uneven; but in all fairness that’s probably due to the fact I am smoking this on a rooftop patio with a storm starting to come in. The ash is holding perfectly though, despite the wind gusts.

















FINAL THIRD: This last third had to be the best part of the cigar for me. After the ash fell off from the second third, the burn line immediately corrected itself without the need of any tough ups which is superb. The flavors made a huge transition. The rye/pepper is completely gone and now I am getting this really great slightly sweet creamy caramel flavor with some good chocolate covered coffee beans and hazelnuts. This final third could go on forever as far as I am concerned.