Here is yet another relatively unknown Irish whiskey for you fine folks this evening. Now sadly because it is so rare here in the Midwest, if not in the entire states all together, I really could not find much information about this spirit. From what I have gathered it is an independent company and is actually distilled and bottles by various distilleries in Ireland. For instance, this particular vintage was actually produced by Bushmills (yay Bushmills). Like a typical Irish, Knappogue Castle is triple distilled and bottled at 40% ABV. One bit of interesting information that I did find though, is where this spirit gets its namesake from. Knappogue Castle is actually a castle that still exists to this day; it built in 1467 in County Clare, and in 1571 became the seat of the MacConmaras. This is the clan that would go on to lead the Irish Rebellion of 1641. Aside from that, the castle has a long history of changing owners and constantly being renovated. Nothing to spectacular…ON TO THE REVIEW!

COLOR:  A very, very pale straw color that is almost water clear. A very obvious indicator, that there is no caramel coloring being used in this spirit.

NOSE: Tart green apples are the first thing I get along with some grassy notes. There is some other tart fruits in there too, maybe rhubarb? You get some warm vanilla frosting, not straight vanilla like you would get from bourbon, but more like frosting.

BODY: For as light as it looks and smells, I think it was a rather full and creamy body.

PALATE: A sugary/white rum sweetness with some light floral notes, honey and lemon zest brightening it all up.

FINISH: The finish kind of lets me down a bit. I really did not get much outside of oak and maybe some zingy pepper.

Overall I loved this whiskey, and this is probably one of the most refreshing whiskies you can buy. And I mean that quite literally. I really hope I can find another bottle of this for later this spring and early summer. The notes in the spirit make me wish I was sitting by a stream or lying out in a prairie with the misses, enjoying a picnic. After only having one tasting of this, it is easily in my top 3 for Irish whiskies, if not top 2 for sure. I strongly urge you all to give this a shot, if you do not like it, I will gladly buy the bottle off of you.