Ardbeg Corryvreckan


Corryvreckan is a limited release bottling from Ardbeg Distillery in 2008. I found no age statement on the bottle, but the scotch is aged in French Oak casks and   bottled at a very potent 57.1% ABV. Needless to say this spirit is non-chill filtered and a touch of water will be added to it!              

Corryvreckan earns its name from the Corryvreckan Sea which located between Scarba and the Isle of Jura in Scotland; and is Gaelic for Cauldron of Speckled Seas. The Corryvreckan is also home of the world’s 3rd largest whirlpool and is signified by small spiral patterns on the bottles label. This whirlpool has been noted in Scottish mythology and history and most notably, was responsible for shipwrecking and nearly killing Author George Orwell as he travelled to Jura with his son to write the novel 1984.

  • COLOR: Deeper in amber than its 10 year old brother, but still lighter than what you normally expect whiskies to be.
  • NOSE: Very heavy Earthy, peaty smoke, oak, bright citrus (lime) cutting through the musk. White pepper biting at your sinuses, Lapsang Souchong Tea.
  • BODY: Heavy with a very thick, chewy oily texture.          
  • PALATE: There is no escaping from the peat with this bad boy. A salty brininess, dark chocolate covered espresso beans, with a hint of dark fruit (cherries or plums?).
  • FINISH: Very long and dry espresso notes before becoming a cinnamon and peppery wood.


I have heard this scotch be affectionately referred to as the “Sexiest Scotch Ever”, and to be honest, I really have to agree with them! It is so warm and comforting from that first whiff a peaty goodness seduces you into that first sip. I’m not going t lie, this beauty likes to bite, but you cannot help but coming back for more. It is intense but perfectly rounded and balanced at the same time. This is a must have for anyone that appreciates life.