Kristoff Kristania

Well this is my first attempt at trying to do a cigar review, so hopefully this won’t suck too much hahaha. The Kristania is a budget friendly cigar that from the Kristoff line that primarily deals in boutique style cigars.

  • Robusto 5×50
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Criollo Habano
  • Binder: Dominican Habano
  • Filler: Dominican Habano


Appearance: Very “rustic” looking, with a rough looking and very veiny wrapper. There are a couple splotches and has a soft spongy feel to it.

Pre Light: The cigar has an aroma that doesn’t really get you excited. It is a very light creamy chocolate sweetness to it, with a little bit of musk to it. I make a straight cut across the cap and take a pre light draw. The draw isn’t bad, and I am getting faint notes of wood and sweet and peppery cedar.

First Third: Draw is pretty loose and the wrapper has a slight wave as it burns, but not needing a touch up. Because of the loose draw I am not getting much if any flavor and virtually no smoke output. I examine the cigar and notice the cherry is tunneling down the center and not burning the rest of the tobacco. Uh-oh.

Second Third: I decide that I am not ready to give up on this cigar so early, so I begin pressing the cigar at the center to try and get the rest of the filler going. This actually worked for a little bit, giving me some nice oaky wood flavors and finishing some nice Mexican cocoa notes and way better smoke. Tragically this will not last long; halfway through the 2/3rd the tunneling begins yet again and seems to be getting worse, to the point where it is like I am sucking air through a straw. I decide that the smoke was cheap enough, that it does not make sense for me to continue to fret over it and made the choice to put this one to an end. Such a shame.