Great Divide: Yeti Russian Imperial Stout

Yeti Russian Imperial Stout is one of many craft beers from Great Divide Brewery out of Denver, Colorado. It comes in at about 9% ABV and is best served between 50-55 degrees.

Appearance: Pours as dark as strong cup of coffee and earth, and has a very nice frothy milk chocolate colored head.

Smell: Bitter earth with hints of molasses accented by hops.

Taste: Very robust coffee and tobacco that finishes with a strong hops flavor over the tongue before being nicely balanced by a nice bittersweet cocoa.

Body: Full bodied for sure, with nice light carbonation feeling very dry and satisfyingly heavy.

Though I am not normally a fan of beers with noticeable hops flavor, I really enjoyed this beers. The robustness of the beer is so well balanced with the hops and then cocoa that it makes incredibly easy to drink. A perfect beer for those cold nights.