Evan Williams Singe Barrel Vintage 2001

Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2001

Evan Williams is an American Kentucky Straight Bourbon that is distilled and bottled in Bardstown, KY and is owned by Heaven Hills Distillery. Although it is not a household name yet; Evan Williams has become the 2nd largest selling brand of bourbon in the United States.

Generally speaking, most whiskies that you buy come from a large batch; which basically means that after aging, a bunch of barrels are cracked open and mixed together for the sake of mass production. When you buy something that is labeled Single Barrel, it means just that, the contents of that bottle came from one barrel and barrel only; which gives each bottle its own unique character. Much like small batch whiskies, Single Barrel lines are hand marked with its barrel and bottle numbers. The stats on this bottle in particular are as follows:

  • Barreled: August 1, 2001
  • Barrel No. : 864
  • Bottled: November 2, 2011 (two days before I got married)
  • ABV: 43.3% (86.6 proof)

Color: A nice deep rich color that is reminiscent of Buckwheat honey (and yes I have seen, tried and own buckwheat honey).

Nose: It’s made up of the good stuff, notes of leather and rich sweet caramel with hints of banana, cinnamon spice and nutmeg.

Body:   It feels so wonderfully heavy in your mouth that coats so well that you swear you could almost chew it.

Palate: Exactly everything that I love and search for in a whiskey. You get an awesome taste of heavy slightly dry oak and nutmeg. This dry spice works in just about perfect harmony with the flavorful sweetness of dried dark fruits (black cherry and dates).

Finish: There is a very delicate hint of maple before it fades into a long dry and peppery flavor of tobacco.

I can’t say enough good things about this whiskey. It is everything that a quality bourbon should be and then some. Now every whiskey out there claims to be something special and offer you something that no other distiller can supply; well this is one of those whiskies and it is one of the very few that can actually put its money where its mouth is. Like I stated Evan Williams is quickly becoming one of the top selling American whiskies on the market are rightfully so. Evan Williams has been producing their Vintage line since the mid 80’s and are now getting the recognition that it deserves. In the last couple of years Evan Williams’ Vintage line has won the following awards:

  • Whiskey of the Year by The Spirit Journal
  • Domestic Whiskey of the Year by Malt Advocate
  • Bourbon of the Year by Wine & Spirits Buying Guide
  • American Whiskey of the Year by Food & Wine

Now if you have made this far in this post, then that means you have not run out to buy yourself of this sex in a bottle, and shame on you for that. I’m sure you’re thinking that thinking that with it being 10 years old, a single barrel and all the accolades; this has to be at least a $50 bottle of bourbon. Well good news there folks; despite all of its high marks the average retail price of this in the US is $22 after tax! By far the best value out there on the market hands down.

*I am going to attempt to add my own photos from this point forward. This was taken from the roof of my condo in St. Paul, MN. I was also enjoying a Macanudo 1968 that night.