Buffalo Trace Straight Kentucky Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon is an American Bourbon distilled and bottled in Frankfort, Kentucky by Buffalo Trace Distillery formerly known as George T. Stagg Distillery and is list under that National Registration of Historic Places. Buffalo Trace is 90 proof Bourbon, that has been aged for nine years in new charred oak barrels.

Color: Has that gorgeous reddish brown leather hue, almost leather hide in color.

Nose: Incredibly sweet, there is no abrasive alcohol sting at all. Sweetness becomes a more apparent with hints of vanilla and perhaps orange.

Body: Incredibly full bodied. It just coats your mouth like syrup would.

Palate:  Right up front is a sweet caramel borderline toffee flavor. The sweetness fades into subtle earthy flavors of warm leather and subtle oak.

Finish: Long warm sweet finish that you wish could last forever. The sweetness evolves into a lingering slight pepper that dances on the back of your tongue.

This is probably of the best bourbons on the market; especially for at its price which is around $20 a bottle. I have tried quite a few different bourbons over the last few years and was looking for something cheap and new. I spotted BT and bought it for the sake of mixing with sweet tea on the 4th of July a couple years back. WOW! Talk about being pleasantly surprised with a purchase. The flavors and aromas of this are unbelievable. The way that the flavor of warm sweet caramel gives way to earthy leather and tobacco just dance on your palate. How it coats your mouth like syrup, and then that slight bite of pepper at the end. I would recommend this to anyone, whether you are new to whiskey or a seasoned pro. Its sweet, it is warm and satisfying. This is the whiskey that I will always have on hand for any occasion. When you drink it, drink it neat. I find that adding ice to this one inhibits the flavors and makes it very dull drink. Or I use it to also make my Southern Punch Tea; muddle mint leaves and a lemon in the bottom of a glass and add ice, then 2oz of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, 1oz of peach schnapps and then fill with sweet tea.